Yoni Yoga – A daily Practice for Restoring Feminine Energy

Image source: 'Embracing the Soft', Omorphy Photos. https://www.saatchiart.com/omorphy
Image source: 'Embracing the Soft', Omorphy Photos. https://www.saatchiart.com/omorphy

All women have a vast reservoir of creative power yet due to the stress and impact of our modern culture, too easily she looses contact and inspiration to her manifestation capacity and her true beauty. When the woman is in an environment that is supporting her deepest truth, she very quickly realigns to her natural wisdom and gifts. By coming back to the body in a feminine way on a regular basis she keeps this eternal well spring alive and vibrant. Naturally this then flows over into every aspect of her life, enriching all her projects creations and relationships.

What is Yoni Yoga?

Yoni Yoga is daily maintenance system that addresses the spiritual needs of modern women who are dedicated to their internal work and want to embody their full capacity for bliss and ecstacy as path for self realisation.

It is aimed at improving the quality of women’s emotional, physical, mental and sexual health by addressing the core issues that are stored deep in our cells. This unique approach is designed to free up the life force (sexual energy) flowing unrestricted through the body which in turn raises the frequencies and brings more Prana (aliveness) and awareness internally. Naturally this liberates deep residing blockages, unlocking thought forms that contract the body in chronic holding patterns.

How did it come about? 

I combined my 20 years of Yoga experience including teaching traditional yoga and studying closely with Swami Yoganandya Saraswati in Vashisht, India and I combined it with my personal experiences in unlocking my body through the Tantric Initiations with Shantam Nityama.

I realised that most of the yoga offered in our western countries was catering to the western fixations such as body image. When the is focus is on how you look, success and achieving wellness, it denies the deeper spiritual needs that we as westerns are starved for, and it especially denies the needs of women who are on the path of restoring an alignment to their feminine energy.

When I began to undertake this process for myself, I realised the way yoga was being offered actually suppressed this orgasmic bliss that was naturally arising in me. I needed a practise that supported me in the overall process of restoring an alignment to the source of my true feminine nature.

What does a Yoni Yoga Session Look like? 

This life was designed to be experienced in the body but a lot of how we have been conditioned takes us out of the body, even when it comes to fitness.

Yoni Yoga is less about ‘what we do’ and more about creating an environment for women to drop deep into the body, into the pelvic floor and relax and feel. It is an internal process that involves naturally breathing into positions that activate bliss. This increases sensitivity to subtle energy that is crucial for a woman to effectively tend to her very necessary internally work, of weeding and cultivating a healthy garden (WOMB) from which pure consciousness can flower.

The classes are tailored according to the needs of the women who are attending and the energy present in the space to expand the prana.  This may include breath work, asanas, meditation, sound & voice therapy, massage, dance movement and more.

It can be practised at any stage of your cycle, and also during pregnancy. Ecstatic conscious births are the result of women attending these sessions throughout pregnancy.

For more information about Yoni Yoga Bliss Sessions and online courses, visit A Tantric Life.

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