Women Who Run With the Wolves & A Daughter’s Letter to Her Mother


One of my favourite places in Sydney is Alice & Gertrude Bookstore Café in Bondi Beach. During a recent visit I found a second hand copy of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ great tome of wild, womanly wisdom,Women Who Run With the Wolves’.

Inscribed in the opening page of the book was a beautiful letter from a daughter (‘K’) to her Mum which got to the heart of why every woman interested in exploring Feminine spirituality, psychology, folklore and mythology needs to read ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’.

K’s words to her Mum also show how to do the work of ‘healing the Mother Wound’ that Tantric Master, Shantam Nityama, describes when he says, “Your task now is to free your mother up from having to be your mother any more. This in no way requires you letting her go, this just requires you communicating and thanking her for bringing you to the place in your life where you can now take full responsibility for yourself. It also requires you being able to communicate with her about how you can now be a support to her so that she can grow and evolve further. You free her up to the larger context.”

To my dear Mum

This book was given to me a long time ago and I have only just started to read it. Many brave, beautiful and brilliant women have told me that it changed the course of their lives and after reading the first 2 chapters I know why. It has helped me so much in this month and time of transition and at many points in the narrative I have thought, ‘I wish my Mum was reading this’. So, I am passing the book on to you (I know where I can find another to continue my reading!) because you are also at a place of change, transition and transformation.

After spending and devoting decades to being a mother and wife, I think it is your time to re-direct some energy to your self, to your own inner ‘wild woman’ and parts of you that have been silenced by hard work, motherhood and domestic chores. This is the time for you to re-ignite your dreams, and find the wings that help you to soar.

Please read this book, and many other books that are not intellectual, or fictional – but are real. Books about the soul, the spirit, about restoring vitality and vibrancy, about re-awakening excitement and lighting internal fires. There is a way to live every day passionately, and I hope that this next phase of your journey shows you the way.

Thank you for being my mother, my friend, my mentor, my protector, my ally, my teacher and my guide. You have been an unshakeable force in my life that has given me strength and inspiration and unconditional love. Thank you for always being available, even when you have been struggling too.

I am just so grateful that the universe gave you to me, and that I have had your hand to hold in this world. I really feel that all of this change and uncertainty is necessary to let go of limiting and unserving things, to make way for new adventures and exciting times in all of our lives. I am always here to love and support you, and I am so proud that you are my Mum – you are an inspirational woman, it’s so amazing to be old enough to really know you and try and give back in small ways to the person who gave me life.

Love forever,

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