The heart’s yearning

Girl in vintage white lace dress standing in a lake

Love is not something that is given and taken between two people.

It is not something that is even shared between.

It is not just something that exists inside you, but exists everywhere.

It is not God or the universe, but everything.

A pure heart hears the calling of love.

It may begin with their feelings for another person.

It may come through doing something that brings them delight.

It may be the vulnerability of sitting in the storm of nature.

It may come from being scared but from knowing that things will be okay.

Our hearts are born pure and innocent, but the experience of being human makes the heart frightened.

It believes it is alone and not right because it can sense the vibrations of the universe.

It hears the music of that which is love, but through no fault of its own thinks it is out of beat with love.

The heart yearns to find it’s beat in the orchestra of love in many ways.

It looks for the ‘perfect’ relationship, it expresses it’s frustration through feelings of anger, fear, depression, loneliness and self-hatred for these are all emotions of the human experience, but they are also the out-of-tune beats of a longing heart.

The wounded heart believes it needs to find protection so it builds a wall to protect itself from others and from the world it believes will hurt it.

But it is only when the wall is dissolved that the heart finds it beats in tune again. It finds its rhythm with the sea, the stars, and the wind and sometimes it finds it with another person, but hardly just one.

The heart quests to share its heart beat with ‘the one’ believing that will make its quest back to innocence complete.

But love is not to be given or taken, it is there to tune into.

If you want to find it watch the waves rolling to the shore, look into the night sky and try to see where it ends, look up at the blue sky and see where it begins.

There is no start and end. It is a constant. It is the flow of energy through everything that connects a star to a person, and a person to another.

If you believe love does not exist within you, your heart will struggle even more to be heard.

It may act loudly and absurdly to be noticed or it may become deadly quiet to be heard.

Whether it is a plea to be heard, noticed or nourished, it is the awakening of your music, your love that vibrates in the orchestra of the world.

When you play your music and allow your heart to express the joy of love you will find happiness.

You will be in the state of innocence where your soul can be touched by a star, music or the love of another.

Do not mistake love for something that is to be given or received, it is to share in the delight of its expression.

Your heart will seek the vibration of another who plays the same as your heart, like musicians playing side by side in an orchestra.

We need others to express with because the force of love is so powerful it can overwhelm and destroy us if it is locked inside our hearts for too long.

Sometimes you will find another who vibrates on the same level as you and you will know it and long to share your expression with them.

But they may not yet have received the calling to stand exposed to love and not be scared by its power.

Be patient and kind towards them and let them feel the warmth of your heart like that of an open fire in winter, or the tickle of sun on your skin when your body is cold.

It requires bravery and courage to express your heart and you will only hear the music of love constantly when you allow yourself to surrender to that which serves to protect it.


© Kris McIntyre, 2003. All rights reserved.

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