Tami Simon on Longing, Loving and Following a Calling

Tami Simon
Tami Simon, Sounds True Publisher, (c) Stephen Collector 2008

Longing is the call of our bigger self, says Tami Simon. “It is the way that we are pulled magnetically towards what we most care about and what means the most to us … it is our future fulfillment calling us,” she says.

Tami started her now amazingly successful business, Sounds True, at the age of just 22, with a dream, a tape recorder and an inheritance from her father. She had no business experience but a strong calling to share the spiritual wisdom with her audiences. Almost 30 years down the track, Sounds True now publishes the work of some of the most influential spiritual teachers and thinkers of our time including Eckhart Tolle, Brene Brown and Jack Kornfield.

But Tami herself is also an inspiration. She’s a successful businesswoman, a deeply spiritual person, an amazing listener and a beautiful interviewer who has changed the lives of many. I met Tami at Sounds True’s Studios to talk about spirituality and connectivity in a digital age.


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