She …

© Pavel Titovich. Image source:
© Pavel Titovich. Image source:

She is not afraid to love
or to speak her truth.

She is bold
she is beautiful and
she is serene.

She knows what
she wants and trusts that
she deserves to have it.

She is a powerful manifestor because
she understands the energetic connection
between all living creatures, nature and
the Divine.

She worships the Goddess and
she let’s her flow through her
in her creative expression, and
her interaction with people,
animals and the world
she lives in.

She is playful and
she is fierce.

She understands magic and
she knows how to create it.

She knows how to love
without losing herself because
she has clear boundaries and knows where
she ends and the other begins.

She dances the Divine in herself.
She is sexy, sensual and
she is powerfully connected to
her heart and spirit.

Her essence comes through in
her work
her creative life
her home and the
her love-making
her relationships and
her community of like-minded souls.

She lives in abundance and
has an easy relationship with money because
she understands that it is also just energy that
she can attract and let flow through her
without grabbing or attachment.

She loves deeply and honestly and
she meets her lover with
integrity and
an open heart.

She is the women I am and want to be.


© Kris McIntyre 2016. All rights reserved. 

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