Sasha Cobra on Sacred Sex


‘There’s nothing more beautiful to a man than to approach a woman sexually and have that power be reflected back to him through her pleasure,’ says American Tantric sex and relationship coach, Sasha Cobra.

As an expert in the field of sacred sex, Sasha specialises in helping men and women (but mostly men) understand the intricate dynamics of male–female relating. She’s also one of only three certified Nitvana bodywork therapists in the world.

In this episode of Sacred Women’s Business, Sasha talks about love, sexuality, spirituality and relating to what men really want and need from us as women. She also explains why men watch porn, how to empower a man and be receptive to his touch, and the steps to take towards better sex and relating with your man.

Location: Rocket Music, Fox Studios, Sydney, Australia
­Sound engineer & editor: David Holmes

Watch & Listen

Sasha’s introductory talk to Nitvana Bodywork in Melbourne, Australia (June 2014). In this recording, Sasha touches on topics of energy, Nitvana Bodywork, Shantam Nityama and her first session with him, the power of the feminine, her experience with working with men, non-ejaculatory orgasms for men, monogamy vs polygamy, self-love, and much more. Download the video here.

Nitvana Bodywork Demonstration Video with Shantam Nityama. Download the video here.

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