Raylee Delaney on Being a Modern Witch

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Witch, witchcraft, magic, priestess, pagan, goddess, Wicca, spells and ritual’ … they are all words that challenge, provoke and confront. Since the days when those proclaimed to be witches were burnt at the stake as she-devils the term ‘witch’ has become a loaded term that sends a shiver along the spine of many and a tickle of intrigue in others. Like it or not, there are witches living amongst us … and they may not be who or what you you think they are…

Raylee Delaney is a naturopath and artist with a special interest in herbal medicine and botanical subject matter. She is a mother of three, grandmother of two and an animal lover (especially of horses). She’s also a modern witch.

Via a phone hook up from Buzz studios in Byron Bay to Raylee’s home at the top of the Great Dividing Range on the Northern Tablelands of Australia, I spoke with Raylee about what it means to be a witch – and how women coming together plays an important role in how we can grow ourselves, our friendships and community.

In this episode, Raylee talks about:

  • What it is to be a ‘witch’
  • The 13 goals of the witch
  • How to create a ‘Circle’
  • Major pagan celebrations and rituals
  • Moon rituals for intention setting
  • Casting a spell
  • Keeping a book of shadows

Recorded 14 April 2015, Buzz Studios, Byron Bay.


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