We’re a generation of women who were told that we ‘could have it all’, but we didn’t know at what cost it would come.

Some of us chased ‘the dream’ but feel exhausted, cranky and unfulfilled because of it.

Some of us lost our way because we followed the path of the masculine and got caught up in stuff that was not our business.

And some of us followed the beat of our own drum, but feel alone in our search for meaning and a place to belong.

But we all identify with the way of ‘the spiritual feminist’ and yearn for deeper conversations about the things that really matter.

We know that its time to reclaim our power as the natural creators, nurturers, peacemakers, community-makers, activists and healers we are.

So we’re stepping back into the tradition of the Red Tent because we believe that when women gather in circle we heal, learn and grow together.

We’re lifting the veil on the taboos we don’t often speak of to get to the heart of the issues we really care about.

We believe that we grow through stories and that in hearing from those who’ve trodden the path before us, we can find the courage to follow our own Heroine’s Journey.

We believe that there is a place for the wisdom of our ancestors and many spiritual traditions to help modern women discover health, happiness and fulfillment.

And that in experiencing the archetypal myths – of maiden, mother, crone and everything in between – we will find our own truth.