Iris Detenhoff on Fine Tuning to the Planets & Moon

© Nicky Ladas & Stefan Gillard, 2015.
© Nicky Ladas & Stefan Gillard, 2015.

Today, particularly in the West, astrology is understood as little more than a system – viewed somewhat cynically by many – for explaining aspects of personality and predicting future events. But there’s more to astrology than reading our stars in the Sunday papers. It can be a tool for every day life – even for those of us not skilled in understanding the nuances of the stars, planets and moons.

In this episode of Sacred Women’s Business, astrologer and author of ‘The Moontime Diary‘, Iris Detenhoff, shares her wisdom about fine tuning your life and how you live it according to the planets and moons. She also explains:

  • How our menstrual cycle and fertility is influenced by lunar patterns
  • Why women can be fertile twice a month and fall pregnant when it seems ‘impossible’
  • When is the best time to plant herbs and buy shoes
  • Why you should avoid having surgery or visiting the dentist on a full moon
  • When is the best time to immunise children and treat pets for fleas
  • When is the best time to start a project and when to let things go.

For a copy of the full transcript email me.

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