Book Review: Yoga Therapy – Easy Steps For Great Results by Lisa Foster


Yoga Therapy – Easy Steps for Great Results by Lisa Foster offers modern women the tools to become clearer, stronger and pain-free.

The easy-to-read and understand format includes chapters for:

  • Toned tummy – Flatten and strengthen your belly
  • Beautiful buttocks – Tone your bottom
  • Perfect posture – Release neck & shoulder tension
  • The bladder leash – Cure incontinence & strengthen your bladder
  • Easy weight loss – Beginner’s guide
  • Sleeping beauty – Insomnia sorted
  • Moods, Mania & Menstruation – Period plan explained
  • Flush out hot flushes – Menopause can be fun

Each chapter includes simple dietary tips, recipes and exercises to follow – all delivered in Lisa’s frank and humorous way.

In Lisa’s own words:

We are 50% of the global population. The moment YOU decide that you REALLY matter, others will notice your attitude shift and will treat you differently. You cannot care for yourself when you are tired, unwell, stressed and overweight and unfortunately if YOU do not care for yourself, no one else will either. Why should they?

Yoga Therapy – Easy Steps for Great Results is available from major book retailers, or buy it online at Booktopia, Angus & Robertson, Dymocks or Fishpond.

To hear my 2015 interview with Lisa on ‘Moods, Mania and Menopause’ (one of the last she did before she passed away in December 2016) click here.



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