Jutka Freiman on Women Journeying


‘The longing that comes from the soul is a wonderful, virtuous longing and its greases the path to spirituality. The longing that comes from the ego, I think the Buddhists would call ‘desire’ and that’s not so healthy,’ says Jutka Freiman.

Since the mid-1980’s Jutka has guided women on the journey from self to Soul through her ‘Women Journeying’ workshops. A psychotherapist and group facilitator with degrees in psychology and anthropology, Jutka has many strings to her bow. She is an expert in the fields of archetypal psychology, psychodrama, Gestalt, Somatic psychology, art therapy and the Enneagram.

She is wise, deeply creative and an inspiration for any woman wanting to embark on the heroine’s journey. In this episode of Sacred Women’s Business Jutka takes us into the archetypal realm of mythical goddesses and explains their meaning for women at all stages of life, talks about the Enneagram and shares her experience of turning 60.

Location: Rocket Music, Fox Studios, Sydney, Australia
Sound engineer & editor: David Holmes


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