Featured Retreat: Spring Equinox Feminine Revival with Roxanna Minnona, March 2016, Norfolk UK

Breathe © Burcine Drummer
Breathe © Burcine Drummer

Featured Retreat: Spring Equinox Feminine Revival – Rising with the merging light 
16-20 March 2016, Norfolk UK

As women, we came to the planet to be love. In that love we behold the capacity for humankind to return to a more balanced nature. Firstly, it is imperative that we experience our love for ourselves.

Those are the words of Tantric teacher, Roxanna Minnona.

During Spring, energies arise within us like a phoenix from the ashes. You could say it is a time of feminine revival and sexual awakening, bringing light to the dark corners within our personal and collective psyche for the purpose of healing, liberation and peace in all women – the womb from which all is manifest.

At this time of equal day and night, light and dark, the energies present offer a doorway between worlds.Coming together consciously opens a powerful vortex for reawakening our sexual essence from the slumber of the winter season, where the ‘Jing’ buries itself in the underworld, coiled at the base of your roots in rejuvenating process.

This retreat, held at the Spring Equinox, gives women an opportunity to utilise the forces of nature that is enhanced at this potent juncture.

Location: West Lexham Manor, Norfolk UK
Dates: 16-20 March 2016
Cost: Price £ 740 GBP
Register before January 1st for Early bird Rates
£ 570 (pay in full before 1st Jan)
£ 640 (20% deposit + balance due 10 Feb)
£ 670 (payment plan)

Contact Annie:  atantriclifeuk@gmail.com 

For more information: visit A Tantric Life here

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